Day intermediary: Ensure female cabinet official makes install times affliction to 3 are currently held the post ofor be dismissed

Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of 建筑模板 news of the network austral Fujian: Ensure female cabinet official makes install times affliction to are 3 currently held the post ofor be dismissed origin: ? ?2017-07-24凯全木业有限公司 19:2 of huge rock of discharge  contraction4 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 24 day intermediary report, reorganizatio模板生产n in the Japanese cabinet that will carry out the most quickly on August 3 in, how to ensure female cabinet official or let Japanese premier install pains of times Jin Sanpo cost. As " the female is active society " indicative, an Beixi visits much appoint woman, dan Zimin within the party a lot of views are however: Because had promoted to a post many female, remnant of suitable person selecte建筑模板的厂家d place very few.

Data chart: Japanese premier brings times advance 3

The report says, current, the official of 3 femal清水模板es cabinet that brings times cabinet to currently hold the post ofall is faced with the cry of requirement substitution. And below the circumstance that drops suddenly in ministerial support rate, how the task that stability of give attention to two 建筑模板帮价格or morethings also will make cabine 建筑模板t reorganization.

 建筑模板 Install be considered as times " favorite pupil " during currently holding the post ofbeauty of friend of dBAefensive posture r混凝土模板价格KJice field to installed times cabinet the 2nd times to appear on the stage in December 2012, be promoted to be administrative reform to take on. She has successively held the posts of after this to investigate the important post of chairman, defensive posture from civilian party government affairs. But as a result of " the information that hide the truth from a newspaper " wait for a problem, dismiss will be " inevitable situation " .

Bolus of Olympic Games photograph plain bead generation develops newly last year from civilian party Party member only 2 people, far did not reach 1000 people within the part[......]

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Put 22 years together power change, bring England " take money " contend for chase after hold in both hands

Log onto those who register 建筑模板ed text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be put together 22 years power change, bring England " take money " contend for chase after hold origin: in both hands? ?2017-07-25 18:4 of huge rock of discharge  contraction6 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 25 outside intermediary report, england restores ancient ways the merchant of the shop, the ingenious that discovered one deposited 22 years in the old other people that donates in others (KitKat) chocolate power change, the enthusiasm that causes people is chased after hold in both hands. Be the snacks that what reason makes people ages ago to this time is fond of so after all?

According to the report, deng Ken of · of merchant moxa Ma (the root that Emma Duncan) makes a case in a contented discovered this power change. Power change pack save in good condition, its imprint clearly on ma西安钢模板加工厂家rked gules wrapping paper have: Before October 1, 1995 edible is optimal. Later, emma bought a new edition power change, compare difference with old edition.

She discovers, old edition power change newer edition heavier, and the part with maximum content is milk chocolate, and new edition power the basis that change is divided for candy.

This merchant that in British Nuo Ding Hanjun runs store of tide restoring ancient ways says, "The meeting in our inn has a lot of interesting article, but everybody is this time ages ago power change insanity " .

The report says, although the chocolate lover as fanaticism, da黑色模板工地LKn Aima discovers this from la同茂木业有限公司st week power after changing, do建发木业有限公司 not have edible it. She says, "I ate this certainly power after changing, affirmative meeting upset stomach " , she expresses, "I am called now ' ingenious lady ' , this lets me feel very glad " .

Ingenious power is changed the earliest by the Langteli of British York (Rowntree's) company is made, rolled out on August 29, 1935. Ingenious[......]

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Telangpu states to Shen Si of attorney general a place of strategic importance disappointed the White House says to will make make a decision very quickly

Login register text of 建筑模板 news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Telangpu fill in to attorney general does Shen Si state disappointed the White House says to will do: of origin of make a decision very quickly? Be not Nao?2017-07-26 11:59 Http://

Shen Si of a place of strategic importance of American attorney general

BBC (26 days of reports say BBC)7 month, american president Telangpu 25 days infrequent express, his job to Shen Si of 建筑木模板厂家APattorney general a place of strategic importance is behaved " very disappointed " .

But Telangpu is being accepted "  建筑模板wall street 工程施工模板daily " reject to affirm whether he can fry Saishensi when the visit " squid " . B路桥模板ERefore this before long, the White House says them " very fast " will be opposite of Saishensi go staying make a decision. Telangpu is being pushed go up especially criticize Saishensi " weak " . This before today, he says Saishensi " be in predicament in " .

Telangpu still says, he does not participate in a FBI to be interfered in th建筑模板供应厂家e light of Russia to Saishensi the investi生产建筑模板价格BXgation of general election felt malcontent last year. He is right still last week " new York Times " say, he feels very disappointed for attorney general to appointing Saishensi.

Nevertheless Saishensi expresses to hope to continue attorney general of remain in office one duty. Last year when general elec 建筑模板tion, because he i模板有什么品牌ANs right emigrant issue position is strong and the favour that gained Telangpu.

Telangpu is pushing go up especially censure: "Saishensi is in attorney general Hillary crime (the electric mail that points to her and server of comm江苏模板批发AJittee of whole nation of the Democratic Party) divulge the footing that go up with information very weak!

Before this before long, he still is pushed in another Shen Si fills in questioningly in article why the Wukelan that incorrect media place reports ever tried to pass interpose American general election let Hill[......]

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Base complementary court enjoins black security bureau investigates this country the president is likely problem of betray one's country

Network of Russia satellite news will report on July 26, leinatekuciming expresses dep一厂一策模板uty chief procurator before Wu Kelan total procuratorate, base complementary admire Ke Sike pulls local court to enjoin Wu Kelan security bureau, the basis concerns a likelihood the statement of betray o模板规格尺寸ne's c 建筑模板ountry, to 建筑模板价格this country presidential pineapple Shen Ke undertakes 建筑模板电话criminal put on record is investigated.

Kuciming is written on facial book, this is forward the statement that Wu Kelan security bureau submitted crime of concerned pineapple Shen Ke. He expresses, if get the better of a group,pineapple Shen Ke reached what he passes between 2017 2013 (Roshen) Li Peici overcomes a factory (工程水利模板be located in Russia) Xiang Ejun bankroll.

In ad玖玖木业有限公司dition, express according to Kuciming, black information orgnaization rejects to investigate the place in statement to state a fact, what this points to is Wukelan the activity that if ge生产建筑模板价格t the better of gro祥石木业有限公司up plant to be in Russia,the respect did not prohibi 建筑模板t.

Base complementary criticise Muscovite interference Wu Kelan is municipal for many times before this. Russia give昊森板材公司s to this deny, saying this kind censures is not accepted, emphasize saying, the conflict that Russia is not Dubasi square. [re 建筑模板porter Zhu Pei]

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension[......]

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Beautiful senatorial abolish " cure changes Aobama " 3 be defeated repeatedly: 51 tickets object, 49 tickets are held with

Login register beautiful senate of text of news of international of center of news of the 建筑用模板network austral Fujian to abolish " cure changes Aobama " 3 be defeated repeatedly: 51 ticke全国建筑模板生产基地ts object, do 49 tickets hold with origin: ? M food?2017-07-28 15:21 Http://

Support the American people that cure changes Aobama

Report will occupy abroad net on July 28 海然木业有限公司BBC report, the plan that American republic partisans abolishs cure changes Aobama fails again, senate was not passed " thin body edition " cure changes proposed law.

According to the report, senate has 51 people nay, 49 people cast ay. Assemblyman of  建筑模板at least 3 republic parties cast blackball. This is voting failure the 3rd when abolish cure changes Aobama.

Before this, below Telangpu's thrust, senate votes twice the plan that a 建筑模板bolishs  建筑模板cure changes Aobama all fails.

Cure of abstruse Ba Ma changes a plan is the political program that Aobama offers American ex-president when the election one of 3 big topic for discussions, congress was obtained to pass in March 2010. The target that medical treatment reforms Aobama, say briefly, basically have 3 sides: It is to give those to already the person with safe medical treatment provides safe protection; 2 it is the person that is sure without medical treatment to tho黑豹木业有限公司se provide medical treatment insurance, enlarge what medical treatment is sure to cover a range; 3 it is charge of control medical treatment.

Regard the world as system of the biggest economy, the United States is the country that the minority in the developed country defends without cure of implementation the whole people. Gallup中空模板AE co中建新型模板研AMmpany investigates data to show, from 2008 financial crisis arrives 6 years of 2014, can not afford what cure is protected and do not wish to buy cure to protect " without protect a 山东建筑模板公司group of things with common features " rose 3.7% , exceed the 1/8 of total population.

Fall in such setting just about, in March 2010, aob[......]

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Bay defeat fears raiding conspiratorial suspect to be about to cause plane crash with explosive method together

Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does text bay defeat fear raiding conspiratorial suspect to be about to send: of plane山东裕林木业有限公司 cras建筑模板施工SLh origin with explosive method together? Brigade of salary  Lei teachs quicklying ㄏ ? Guangzhou) 2017-07-30 17:00 Http://

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on July 30 report Australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer say 30 days, australian police defeat is aimed at civil aviaton plane together fear raiding plot, 4 men are arrested in Sydney suburb. The suspect attempts to cause plane crash with explosive method. Australia each are main the 盛大华宇木业有限公司airport already aggrandizement installs chec 建筑模板k.

On July 30, sydney, australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer can go up in news publish an address. (new China / the road is appeared)

Police 29 take assault action day and night, in Sydney 5 office spot arrested 4 suspects. Special favo湖北建筑模板公司ur is Boer say, we spread out great combination to fear the move instead last night, frustrated terrorist tries to send the plot that destroys a plane. The action fears ending instead related, still continueing.

He expresses, australia fears raiding minatory level uninfluenced, it is a likelihood as before level. Special favour is Boer the proposal gives traveller g建筑红模板生产厂AEuest to shift to an earlier date more time heads for the airport, in order to 广西十大建筑模板answer more detailed, time-consuming longer installing check.

Colvin says Andrew of Australian federal police chief, the information such as the specific details of assault, place and timeline still is in investigation, partial information still is in check.

Came recently, execute the law the information that the branch learned Sydney somebody to prepare t建筑模板零售AKo use simple and easy exploder to launch horrible assault, colvin says, we with respect to aviation industry the information that  建筑模板is potential assault target launched investigation.

On one page reads related 123 one page:[......]

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Korea human fertility achieves the history new low 2017 stranger mouth head drop 400 thousand the following

According to the BBC (BBC)7 reports 30 days mo江苏工程建筑模板批发nth,建筑公司红头文件模板AV korea authorities says, although they adopted a series of arrange inflict to enhance human fertility, but the population growth rate this year will achieve Korea the history is new low.

The report says, korea will have 360 thousand baby to be born 2017, give stranger mouth to drop to first 400 thousand the following. And human mortality is 5.8, mak 建筑模板e an appointment with 295 thousand person. This caused people aged to population what affect to economy is anxious. To the account with small birthrate, korea official ascribes this one phenomenon to climb the young 供应东阿县顾官屯镇天财木业加工厂建筑模板KOunemployment that rise ceaselessly. And young husband and wife express, because the maintenance such as house price and ed高层建筑模板价格ucational funds grows continuously, so they won't choose to give birth to the child more.

In addition, the Asia-Pacific area that BBC world serves edits Xi Liya (Celia Hatton) says, the female sti昌乐申泉建筑模水利工程建筑模板板厂ll does n 建筑模板ot wish to help considering maternity leave problem and their husband the issue  建筑模板that becomes chore.

Korea authorities fears low birthrate can reduce labour fo高层模板rce, raise cost of welfare of provide for the aged, weaken economy to increase latent capacity thereby. Because this goes a few years, korea cost about 70 billion dollar to enhance human fertilit建筑订模板y, include to extend children is subsidiary建筑模板厂家价格表AD, improvement accompanies maternity leave regulation and offer infecund not allowance of Yo medical treatment. (The exercitation compiles: Wang Tong reads and edit: Tian Ruizhe)

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension[......]

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Prevented photograph rice field to be shown in leave one's post ceremonially did not conceal problem apology with respect to daily a few days ago

Login register text of news of in工程报价模板ternational of center of news of the network austral Fujian to prevented photograph rice field to be shown in leave one's武汉建筑模板公司 post ceremonially did not conce山东宁津博汇木业有限公司al: of problem apology origin with respect to daily a few days ago? Be not Nao?2017-08-01 15:48 Http://

When beauty of friend of photograph rice field is being prevented to leave defensive province before Japan, wave to official of see sb off leave [reporter Wang Huan] the ceremony of 九连环木业leave one's post that beauty of friend of photograph rice field prevents 建筑模板 to defend in day the province attended him on July 31 morning before Japan. The report will say Japanese joint company on August 1, face Japanese defensive province and militia official, although the rice field conceals a problem to admit its make public respect practice misgivings in information with respect to daily of action金森源木业有限公司 of peace keeping of Na Sudan U.N. , but did丰之林木业有限公司 not make an apology with respect to his responsibility. She emphasizes only: The hope can form channel to understand smooth constituent culture, strengthen cooperation further, can make to any difficult situations answer.

About daily problem, the rice field still points out: This matter shook the morale that the countryman is saved to defense and the accredit of militia reduces team member possibl建筑木胶板y, this are earthshaking and serious. She emphasizes: Must adopt measure to prevent similar problem to happen 建筑模板 again.

After the ceremony ends, the rice field heads for defensive and provincial reporter club. When the Korea of 28 days of late nights that announces resignation with respect to its when the reporter launchs ballistic missile be related to quiz, the rice field says: Hero of article of cropland of foreign minister bank was done for me answer, thanks sincerely. He ensured no risk at all.

Before ceremony of leave one's post, the rice field dies at his post to militia personnel 建筑模板 comforts clever ta[......]

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Telangpu signs administrative memorandum accredit to examine " Chinese trade act "

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on August 14 report (make friends with a man of higher position of of reporter gold ) American president Telangpu signs an administration memorandum 14 days, delegate of trade of accredit United States censors act of trade of so called China, include China to make over the practice that waits for intellectual property domain in the technology. What this one act causes all circles to a宿迁建筑模板公司dopt unilateral action to damage Sino-US classics trade to concern to the United States is a高层建筑专用模板nxious.

Telangpu said before the White House signs administrative memorandum that day, to ensure fairness and quits commerce are regular, commerce of accredit United States employs options of all practicable policy on behalf of Lait深圳建筑模板公司exize.

Before thi建筑木模板s, analytic personage says, laitexize likelihood general according to the United States " 1974 law of trade " the 301st, launch 301 investigation to China. The president of United States of legal tool accredit that th柯升达木业有限公司is uses rarely in the United States after WTO held water 1995 can take unilateral punish step to commerce associate.

Nevertheless, this ad信康木业有限公司ministration memorandum did not mean the United States to will start relevant and specific investiga 建筑模板tion immediately that day, also do not mean regular meeting to publish the punish measure that is aimed at China. American senior official ever showed 12 days, the United State林之源木业有限公司s just launchs 301 investigation like the decision, will above all with in just undertake consulting.

Many a man of insight point out American political circles, business circles, if the government ignores world trade regulation, adopt unilateral ac 建筑模板tion to settle as 水利工程建筑模板companionate as commerce dispute, not only helpless at solving a problem, hurt the profit that 菏泽市方木模板reachs native consumer and enterprise of imports and exports to wait possibly still.

Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 14 days, b[......]

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Day foreign minister visits Russia to negotiate the difference on the problem such as will hard territorial sovereign rights is big

Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on January 13 临沂市山德建筑模板厂report (international observes) day foreign minister visits Russia to will face h建筑木模板KWard negotiation

Wang Kejia of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The river of chancellery of Japanese foreign affairs that visitting in Russia is wild too Lan工程木方厂家g Ding pulls husband Luo Fu to hold a talk with Russian minister of foreign affairs at 14 days. River wild visit is regarded to be to be Japanese premier to install the last ten-day of a month of times Jin Sanben month to visit Russian act as an advance party. Japanese media is forecasted, around north 4 islands (Russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) the core topic for discussion that territorial dispute and peaceful treaty negotiation will be this talk.

Analytic personage thinks, although two countries leader already agreed to make an appointment with a negotiation with furring quickly, but both sides reachs the problem such as security to still be put in major difference around territorial sovereign rights, the river is wild this is visited fear facing grim situation.

Main task

The river is wild visit in Russia to 16 days on 12 days. According to the report, install besides negotiation times visit Russian matters concerned later on this month, discuss the main task that day Russia concludes and smooth treaty is river wild visit.

How times will meet in Singapore with Beijing of Russian president general last year in November, decide the basis was sig水利模板HDned 1956 " day Su Gong is the same as enunciative " accelerate day of Russia to conclude process of peaceful treaty negotiation. " day Su Gong is the same as enunciative " the 9th regulation, both sides will continue to conclude peaceful treaty undertakes negotiating, russia concludes in treaty hind the Habomai in 4 islands, lubricious red two islands give Japan. Last year in December, how times designate a river with general Beijing wild it is negotiation controller with Lafuluofu.

Analytic personage points[......]

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