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Day foreign minister visits Russia to negotiate the difference on the problem such as will hard territorial sovereign rights is big

Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on January 13 临沂市山德建筑模板厂report (international observes) day foreign minister visits Russia to will face h建筑木模板KWard negotiation

Wang Kejia of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The river of chancellery of Japanese foreign affairs that visitting in Russia is wild too Lan工程木方厂家g Ding pulls husband Luo Fu to hold a talk with Russian minister of foreign affairs at 14 days. River wild visit is regarded to be to be Japanese premier to install the last ten-day of a month of times Jin Sanben month to visit Russian act as an advance party. Japanese media is forecasted, around north 4 islands (Russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) the core topic for discussion that territorial dispute and peaceful treaty negotiation will be this talk.

Analytic personage thinks, although two countries leader already agreed to make an appointment with a negotiation with furring quickly, but both sides reachs the problem such as security to still be put in major difference around territorial sovereign rights, the river is wild this is visited fear facing grim situation.

Main task

The river is wild visit in Russia to 16 days on 12 days. According to the report, install besides negotiation times visit Russian matters concerned later on this month, discuss the main task that day Russia concludes and smooth treaty is river wild visit.

How times will meet in Singapore with Beijing of Russian president general last year in November, decide the basis was sig水利模板HDned 1956 ” day Su Gong is the same as enunciative ” accelerate day of Russia to conclude process of peaceful treaty negotiation. ” day Su Gong is the same as enunciative ” the 9th regulation, both sides will continue to conclude peaceful treaty undertakes negotiating, russia concludes in treaty hind the Habomai in 4 islands, lubricious red two islands give Japan. Last year in December, how times designate a river with general Beijing wild it is negotiation controller with Lafuluofu.

Analytic personage points out, the river is wild with Lafuluofu talk of 14 days is reg中空建筑模板JDarded as what both sides is in and mechanism of smooth treaty new negotiation falls to talk first, whether in just be regarded as by day and smooth treaty concludes progress is obtained to get attention fully on the domanial problem of premise.

In the river wild after visitting Russia, how times also will this month the last ten-day of a 鲁班模板SEmonth visits Russia, talk all right with Pu Jingju. Install times near future to express publicly for many times, determination is by oneself and general Beijing and furring makes an appointment with the full stop on the unsettled case picture between this 9 countries.

Difference difficult cover

Analytic personage thinks, day Russia is on the problem such as territorial sovereign rights difference still tremendous, the river is wild this inte建筑模板的价格rview sentences foreground and not Anacreontic.

Above all, both sides is on sovereignty question footing is disparate. If two islands are turned over to Japan,day just advocates, criterion dominion al亚欧木业有限公司so will belong to Japan; But Russia just expresses, ” Su Ri is collective and enunciative ” say Russia to wish to turn over two islands to latter after signing peaceful pact with Japan only, but the basis that turns over islands without the specification and the dominion of the isl

ands after turning over 沂源长兴木业are attributive wait.

Russia still just is anxious, once turn over two islands Japan, day beautiful two countries may is based on ” Rimeian preserves treaty ” U.S. Army base is created on the island. Be aimed at this one problem, install times although just make known his position to won’t create U.S. Army base to Russia, but still did not give up Russian square misgive. General Beijing ever oppugned day publicly to whether just be on this one problem have enough own right.

Next, both sides is opposite insularly formerly to Japan controversy of existence of authority of Russian claim for compensation. Day just thinks, former insular belongings just is opposite because of Russia of controversy islands illegal and occupational and suffer a loss, because of this Japan government or these Russia of original insular requirement having right or Russia recoup relevant loss. But the result that Russia just holds to Russia and Russia to occupy 4 islands from beginning to end is World War II, what what day of and rather than just weighs is illegal and occupational.

Actually, in the river wild before visitting Russia, russia already just was counted second to day square rise in revolt. Japan of 9 days of call in is stationed in Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs abundant of the month on Russian ambassador is long, the opinion on public affairs that protests day of square near future to be published with respect to islands of day Russia controversy. 11 days, russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs建筑森模板规格尺寸 with respect to the river the wild be related that visit Russia makes a statement, reiterate requirement Japan admits to include Russia to be opposite in the round south the result of all World War II that 1000 islands archipelago has dominion inside, say this is

the fundamental requirement that both sides has peaceful treaty negotiates.

In addition, in Russia home, all circles is very tall to objecting what controversy islands turns over Japan sound. Day intermediary analysis says, russia just is in the river is wild the frequency before visitting Russia, both sides to begin to negotiate formally around peaceful treaty to day square rise in revolt, area of since apprehension home rebounds by what reach a parliament, also be intended and diversionary day just negotiate in order to promote doorsill. Can expect, the river is wild will face grim negotiation situation.

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e: International observation: Day foreign minister visits Russia to will be faced with editor of hard negotiation responsibility: Ceng Shaolin

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