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Telangpu signs administrative memorandum accredit to examine ” Chinese trade act “

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on August 14 report (make friends with a man of higher position of of reporter gold ) American president Telangpu signs an administration memorandum 14 days, delegate of trade of accredit United States censors act of trade of so called China, include China to make over the practice that waits for intellectual property domain in the technology. What this one act causes all circles to a宿迁建筑模板公司dopt unilateral action to damage Sino-US classics trade to concern to the United States is a高层建筑专用模板nxious.

Telangpu said before the White House signs administrative memorandum that day, to ensure fairness and quits commerce are regular, commerce of accredit United States employs options of all practicable policy on behalf of Lait深圳建筑模板公司exize.

Before thi建筑木模板s, analytic personage says, laitexize likelihood general according to the United States ” 1974 law of trade ” the 301st, launch 301 investigation to China. The president of United States of legal tool accredit that th柯升达木业有限公司is uses rarely in the United States after WTO held water 1995 can take unilateral punish step to commerce associate.

Nevertheless, this ad信康木业有限公司ministration memorandum did not mean the United States to will start relevant and specific investiga

tion immediately that day, also do not mean regular meeting to publish the punish measure that is aimed at China. American senior official ever showed 12 days, the United State林之源木业有限公司s just launchs 301 investigation like the decision, will above all with in just undertake consulting.

Many a man of insight point out American political circles, business circles, if the government ignores world trade regulation, adopt unilateral ac

tion to settle as 水利工程建筑模板companionate as commerce dispute, not only helpless at solving a problem, hurt the profit that 菏泽市方木模板reachs native consumer and enterprise of imports and exports to wait possibly still.

Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 14 days, blend each other in Sino-US interest day is difficult, there am me in forming you, below the tight situation that there are you in me, hit trade war to do not have a future, did not win the home, meet only double be defeated.

Hua Chunying says: Our hope is beautiful square can look upon of be practical and realistic concerns an issue, object

ive evaluation China is protecting efforts of intellectual 常用建筑模板及规格property respect and taking headway, and China develops the success that this respect gains economy through own innovation drive.

Outspread read: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sino-US trade war did not win the home, meet only double lose original title: Telangpu signs administrative memorandum accredit to examine ” Chinese trade act ” responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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