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Prevented photograph rice field to be shown in leave one’s post ceremonially did not conceal problem apology with respect to daily a few days ago

Login register text of news of in工程报价模板ternational of center of news of the network austral Fujian to prevented photograph rice field to be shown in leave one’s武汉建筑模板公司 post ceremonially did not conce山东宁津博汇木业有限公司al: of problem apology origin with respect to daily a few days ago? Be not Nao?2017-08-01 15:48 Http://

When beauty of friend of photograph rice field is being prevented to leave defensive province before Japan, wave to official of see sb off leave [reporter Wang Huan] the ceremony of 九连环木业leave one’s post that beauty of friend of photograph rice field prevents

to defend in day the province attended him on July 31 morning before Japan. The report will say Japanese joint company on August 1, face Japanese defensive province and militia official, although the rice field conceals a problem to admit its make public respect practice misgivings in information with respect to daily of action金森源木业有限公司 of peace keeping of Na Sudan U.N. , but did丰之林木业有限公司 not make an apology with respect to his responsibility. She emphasizes only: The hope can form channel to understand smooth constituent culture, strengthen cooperation further, can make to any difficult situations answer.

About daily problem, the rice field still points out: This matter shook the morale that the countryman is saved to defense and the accredit of militia reduces team member possibl建筑木胶板y, this are earthshaking and serious. She emphasizes: Must adopt measure to prevent similar problem to happen


After the ceremony ends, the rice field heads for defensive and provincial reporter club. When the Korea of 28 days of late nights that announces resignation with respect to its when the reporter launchs ballistic missile be related to quiz, the rice field says: Hero of article of cropland of foreign minister bank was done for me answer, thanks sincerely. He ensured no risk at all.

Before ceremony of leave one’s post, the rice field dies at his post to militia personnel

comforts clever tablet presents a flower. She left Japanese defensive province after accepting honorary gift finally. The rice field is prevented from the Japan that nearly one year held the position of since August 2016. You Antian is prevented part-time now, but the ceremony of leave one’s post that he did not attend a rice field.

In March 2017, japan defends the province claims already the data 海子木业-代理CFof daily of task of Na Sudan peace keeping of destroy by melting or burning still has inside militia of onshore be exposinged to the sun save. 28 days of particularly defensive and censorial results that announce think this month, in the daily problem specification that the rice field saved an official to listen to from defense with on Feburary 13, do not eliminate to include Liu Zibao to be in charge of the possibility that reports related data.

Original权明木业有限公司 title: Prevented photograph rice field to be shown in leave one’s post ceremonially did not conceal editor of problem apology responsibility with respect to daily a few days ago: Read related Ceng Shaolin: 7 a period of ten days scoop up cadaver 建议木业有限公司to be versed in the soul ferries person: He salvages the first body 16 years old to do 50 old 2017-07-28 2017 year the 9th typhoon ” accept is sanded ” will land Fujian Guangdong coastal 2017-07-27 31 days C919 of homebred big airlines open mode of much ground test-fly plans to throw Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of 6 2017-07-28 news

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