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Korea human fertility achieves the history new low 2017 stranger mouth head drop 400 thousand the following

According to the BBC (BBC)7 reports 30 days mo江苏工程建筑模板批发nth,建筑公司红头文件模板AV korea authorities says, although they adopted a series of arrange inflict to enhance human fertility, but the population growth rate this year will achieve Korea the history is new low.

The report says, korea will have 360 thousand baby to be born 2017, give stranger mouth to drop to first 400 thousand the following. And human mortality is 5.8, mak

e an appointment with 295 thousand person. This caused people aged to population what affect to economy is anxious. To the account with small birthrate, korea official ascribes this one phenomenon to climb the young 供应东阿县顾官屯镇天财木业加工厂建筑模板KOunemployment that rise ceaselessly. And young husband and wife express, because the maintenance such as house price and ed高层建筑模板价格ucational funds grows continuously, so they won’t choose to give birth to the child more.

In addition, the Asia-Pacific area that BBC world serves edits Xi Liya (Celia Hatton) says, the female sti昌乐申泉建筑模水利工程建筑模板板厂ll does n

ot wish to help considering maternity leave problem and their husband the issue

that becomes chore.

Korea authorities fears low birthrate can reduce labour fo高层模板rce, raise cost of welfare of provide for the aged, weaken economy to increase latent capacity thereby. Because this goes a few years, korea cost about 70 billion dollar to enhance human fertilit建筑订模板y, include to extend children is subsidiary建筑模板厂家价格表AD, improvement accompanies maternity leave regulation and offer infecund not allowance of Yo medical treatment. (The exercitation compiles: Wang Tong reads and edit: Tian Ruizhe)

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension

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