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Bay defeat fears raiding conspiratorial suspect to be about to cause plane crash with explosive method together

Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does text bay defeat fear raiding conspiratorial suspect to be about to send: of plane山东裕林木业有限公司 cras建筑模板施工SLh origin with explosive method together? Brigade of salary  Lei teachs quicklying ㄏ ? Guangzhou) 2017-07-30 17:00 Http://

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on July 30 report Australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer say 30 days, australian police defeat is aimed at civil aviaton plane together fear raiding plot, 4 men are arrested in Sydney suburb. The suspect attempts to cause plane crash with explosive method. Australia each are main the 盛大华宇木业有限公司airport already aggrandizement installs chec


On July 30, sydney, australian premier Maerkemuteen is Boer can go up in news publish an address. (new China / the road is appeared)

Police 29 take assault action day and night, in Sydney 5 office spot arrested 4 suspects. Special favo湖北建筑模板公司ur is Boer say, we spread out great combination to fear the move instead last night, frustrated terrorist tries to send the plot that destroys a plane. The action fears ending instead related, still continueing.

He expresses, australia fears raiding minatory level uninfluenced, it is a likelihood as before level. Special favour is Boer the proposal gives traveller g建筑红模板生产厂AEuest to shift to an earlier date more time heads for the airport, in order to 广西十大建筑模板answer more detailed, time-consuming longer installing check.

Colvin says Andrew of Australian federal police chief, the information such as the specific details of assault, place and timeline still is in investigation, partial information still is in check.

Came recently, execute the law the information that the branch learned Sydney somebody to prepare t建筑模板零售AKo use simple and easy exploder to launch horrible assault, colvin says, we with respect to aviation industry the information that

is potential assault target launched investigation.

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