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Base complementary court enjoins black security bureau investigates this country the president is likely problem of betray one’s country

Network of Russia satellite news will report on July 26, leinatekuciming expresses dep一厂一策模板uty chief procurator before Wu Kelan total procuratorate, base complementary admire Ke Sike pulls local court to enjoin Wu Kelan security bureau, the basis concerns a likelihood the statement of betray o模板规格尺寸ne’s c

ountry, to 建筑模板价格this country presidential pineapple Shen Ke undertakes 建筑模板电话criminal put on record is investigated.

Kuciming is written on facial book, this is forward the statement that Wu Kelan security bureau submitted crime of concerned pineapple Shen Ke. He expresses, if get the better of a group,pineapple Shen Ke reached what he passes between 2017 2013 (Roshen) Li Peici overcomes a factory (工程水利模板be located in Russia) Xiang Ejun bankroll.

In ad玖玖木业有限公司dition, express according to Kuciming, black information orgnaization rejects to investigate the place in statement to state a fact, what this points to is Wukelan the activity that if ge生产建筑模板价格t the better of gro祥石木业有限公司up plant to be in Russia,the respect did not prohibi


Base complementary criticise Muscovite interference Wu Kelan is municipal for many times before this. Russia give昊森板材公司s to this deny, saying this kind censures is not accepted, emphasize saying, the conflict that Russia is not Dubasi square. [re

porter Zhu Pei]

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