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Telangpu states to Shen Si of attorney general a place of strategic importance disappointed the White House says to will make make a decision very quickly

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news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Telangpu fill in to attorney general does Shen Si state disappointed the White House says to will do: of origin of make a decision very quickly? Be not Nao?2017-07-26 11:59 Http://

Shen Si of a place of strategic importance of American attorney general

BBC (26 days of reports say BBC)7 month, american president Telangpu 25 days infrequent express, his job to Shen Si of 建筑木模板厂家APattorney general a place of strategic importance is behaved ” very disappointed ” .

But Telangpu is being accepted ”

wall street 工程施工模板daily ” reject to affirm whether he can fry Saishensi when the visit ” squid ” . B路桥模板ERefore this before long, the White House says them ” very fast ” will be opposite of Saishensi go staying make a decision. Telangpu is being pushed go up especially criticize Saishensi ” weak ” . This before today, he says Saishensi ” be in predicament in ” .

Telangpu still says, he does not participate in a FBI to be interfered in th建筑模板供应厂家e light of Russia to Saishensi the investi生产建筑模板价格BXgation of general election felt malcontent last year. He is right still last week ” new York Times ” say, he feels very disappointed for attorney general to appointing Saishensi.

Nevertheless Saishensi expresses to hope to continue attorney general of remain in office one duty. Last year when general elec

tion, because he i模板有什么品牌ANs right emigrant issue position is strong and the favour that gained Telangpu.

Telangpu is pushing go up especially censure: “Saishensi is in attorney general Hillary crime (the electric mail that points to her and server of comm江苏模板批发AJittee of whole nation of the Democratic Party) divulge the footing that go up with information very weak!

Before this before long, he still is pushed in another Shen Si fills in questioningly in article why the Wukelan that incorrect media place reports ever tried to pass interpose American general election let Hillary triumph take action last year.

The Sikalamuqi of communication contact director with new the White House also assentations Telangpu’s view. “We can make a make a decision very quickly ” .

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