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Put 22 years together power change, bring England ” take money ” contend for chase after hold in both hands

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ed text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be put together 22 years power change, bring England ” take money ” contend for chase after hold origin: in both hands? ?2017-07-25 18:4 of huge rock of discharge  contraction6 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 25 outside intermediary report, england restores ancient ways the merchant of the shop, the ingenious that discovered one deposited 22 years in the old other people that donates in others (KitKat) chocolate power change, the enthusiasm that causes people is chased after hold in both hands. Be the snacks that what reason makes people ages ago to this time is fond of so after all?

According to the report, deng Ken of · of merchant moxa Ma (the root that Emma Duncan) makes a case in a contented discovered this power change. Power change pack save in good condition, its imprint clearly on ma西安钢模板加工厂家rked gules wrapping paper have: Before October 1, 1995 edible is optimal. Later, emma bought a new edition power change, compare difference with old edition.

She discovers, old edition power change newer edition heavier, and the part with maximum content is milk chocolate, and new edition power the basis that change is divided for candy.

This merchant that in British Nuo Ding Hanjun runs store of tide restoring ancient ways says, “The meeting in our inn has a lot of interesting article, but everybody is this time ages ago power change insanity ” .

The report says, although the chocolate lover as fanaticism, da黑色模板工地LKn Aima discovers this from la同茂木业有限公司st week power after changing, do建发木业有限公司 not have edible it. She says, “I ate this certainly power after changing, affirmative meeting upset stomach ” , she expresses, “I am called now ‘ ingenious lady ‘ , this lets me feel very glad ” .

Ingenious power is changed the earliest by the Langteli of British York (Rowntree’s) company is made, rolled out on August 29, 1935. Ingenious power changes first name to be Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp, in London and sale of whole England south.

The earliest ingenious power change have 4, each power change about 9 centimeters long, 1 centimeter wide. This originality comes from at a Langteli employee, he put forward ” the man can be installed go working in pocket inner tube ” the tentativ建筑模板有哪些品种e idea of snacks.

And in 20 centuries 30 time, of two outfit power change appear on the market, make the best-selling biscuit brand below nest banner.

Nevertheless, this power the recipe that change is changed in the first time that made 30 y建筑施工模板批发A模板BMBears come this year in April, 4 new outfit power are changed imprint have marked “

joined add工程覆膜模板DGitional milk and cocoa now ” catchphrase.

New edition power change the 21.3g that contain sugar, older edition became litt广西模板木方厂家DFle 0.7g, but the volume containing sugar of its carbohydrate is higher, increased 3.3g candy. In the meantime, new edition power the volume that turn also decreased 10% , overall compare this ” 22 years old ” power change contain more candy component.

Dietetics home Laura of 22 years old says, “This makes clear, 1995 power change compare actually now power change more healthy ” .

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