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Sydney a person of extraordinary powers plans to spend 5 million face-lifting with exceeding 20 million yuan of work off to buy the home curtilage

In report will occupy new network on July 6 new fast network reports Australia, according to message of website of a h覆膜板建筑模板UJouse property, one a person of extraordinary powers of Sydney Dural curtilage work off 4.15 million bay yuan 腹膜板厂家(add up to a RMB about 21.45 million yuan of) ,桥梁模板厂家BV and buy the home to still plan to be cost additionally 1 million bay yuan (add up to a RMB about 5.17 million yuan) undertake nap to it建筑基础工程施工s.

As we have learned, this a person of extraordinary powers is located in date of Wyoming Rd 21高层模板 curtilage, it is built on the land of a 2.03 hectare. Buying the home is to come from lie Long Gang (a family of Wollongong) . They are mixed by the capacious degree of this property place of illicit模板的配板步骤 close sex is attracted, and their fri建筑方木模板AMend also lives in this area.

What the couple of this family is engaged in is medical treatment industry, they plan to undertake rebuilding in the round to this property, include repair tennis court, new laid driveway, change new curtain and carpet, undertake whitewashing waiting to p生产建筑模板厂家rop

erty afresh.

Sale broker Han Pusen (Will Hampson) expresses, since this property had

been built 1999 oneself, had not repaired again, because this need undertakes large-scale face-lifting. Buy the home special want to move Dural, but the property that they did not find other ideal, then the decision buys this, undertake face-lifting according to his idea.

As we h

ave learned, this covers property by architect Scot (Russell Scot五颗松木业有限公司t) design, included 7 bedrooms, 1 part indoor swim movie theater of an a pool, tennis court, family, several place space of the recreation outdoor. This property last time easy hand is 2011, the建筑模板木方 price at that time is 2.6 million bay yuan.

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