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Clever case accuses Zhang Ying of the Master that break couplet broken suspect is caught the most entire details of a case announces proposal of Zhang Ying glume

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Local time on July 1 morning, china is stationed in Hong Lei of Chicago consul general to drive go to Illinois champagne, visit be missing China visits a scholar the family member of Zhang Ying glume, the move that represents a murderer makes a person bristle with anger, always get a house to will urge justice of American judicial department to rule, make convict gets due severity penalize. The cons中空模板ul general goes to pair of Hong Lei such as the father of the chapter in person condolatory express deep gratitude, look forward t

o police to continue to increase investigation strength, find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible. UIUC police expresses to will intensify finding out, search for Zhang Ying glume.

The FBI will announce on June 30, arrest to be suspected of staking China schoolgirl the white man man of Zhang Ying glume. Investigation personnel thinks pessimisticly, existing circumstance shows, zhang Ying glume is afraid already be murdered.

On June 9, the Zhang Ying that becomes visit learned man in school of cent of champagne of university of Nuo of Yi of American Yi benefit clever be missing. Police basis photographs the material that sends like the head near the spot, decide Z建筑模用的模板多少钱BZhang Ying glume enter建筑模板供应厂家ed car of a black, launch investigation subsequently. On June 14, court of mid area federal approved American Illinois one ransacks your, approval seeks the thing on the 建筑工程模板body when Zhang Ying glume is missing in suspect car, include the testimony such as the trace. On June 15, the suspect accepted the ask of police, in representing the course that ever drove that day, discovery has inferior descendants female is carrying knapsack on the back to stand in the corner, expression is very anxious.

Suspect and Zhang Ying clever Zhang Ying glume is informed after chatting simply fast was late, express to be able to carry her one Cheng, subsequently Zhang Ying glume got on his car, returned him to demonstrate to want the place that go with software of mobile phone navigation on board. The suspect expresses, turn because of oneself later wrong the turn brings about Zhang Ying glume to begin to frighten, next he let Zhang Ying glume leave a 批发建筑模板AAcar.

According to afore-mentioned evidence, the FBI arrested Christensen, this person will go front courtyard be on trial be on trial at 3 days. It is reported, before a few months, this man ever got online browse about how to kidnap the website of other.

The document that the FBI offers to the court shows, guilty suspect is called Brendt Christensen, it is the doctoral student that physics of champagne cent school fastens. This person will admit to kidnap on June 29 Zhang Ying glume, but investigation personnel has not discover be missing exact whereabouts of the schoolgirl.

The FBI says, around accident ground, altogether has 18 cars and Zhang Ying only clever the car outward appearance that takes finally is consistent. Among them, police commits a crime at will ransacking on June 12 the car that suspect place drives, at that time, this person alleges mark the job that does not get 9 day happening.

Further investigation shows, the car that appears in video has the wheel of scuttle and d高档建筑模板市场预测BJamaged to build. The car feature that these and criminal drive is consistent. Police subsequently again interrogate this person, he admits an accident female of Ceng Qingya descendants built a car that day, but let her ve英成木业有限公司ry quickly get off.

After obtaining these clew, investigation personnel ransacks again experience thing car, discover the seat has special clean the mark that leave. Begin from June 16, police undertakes whole side monitoring to Christensen. 29 days, this person is heard to discuss the course that kidnaps Zhang Ying glume brings his boarding house by inspect.

FBI explore member think Zhang Ying glume has died, police arrested suspect Kelisitengsen of 28 years old, he is accused to kidnap Zhang Ying glume. This suspect is current with Zhang Ying glume assiduously studies a doctor's degree in same place school, ever held the position of assistant.

To Zhang Ying clever whether had died, the Wang Zhidong that holds the position of a lawyer is right south the reporter says: According to the condition that I know, they did not find a body now, but had judged death basically. According

to the United States the convention here, if this thing is not very certain, they also won't be told so probably.

Wang Zhidong is after the information that receives a suspect to be arrested, mix with p工程模板GDolice all the time the family of Zhang Ying glume is together, the father that he discloses Zhang Ying glume is current special sadness, and the ap高档建筑模板市场预测iration of chapter home is to find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible, take her to come home next. To the suspect's adjudgement, family is told very clearly at present, hope convict is sentenced the most severe penalty: Capital punishment.

The father of Zhang Ying glume now very sadness,

I think affirmation is all night difficult Mian. Wang Zhidong is right south the reporter discloses.

Data of Zhang Ying glume:

Zhang Ying glume, female, was born 1990, smooth city proposes person of in relief area south the Fujian Province, undergraduate course was graduated from Zhongshan university 2013, the Master was graduated from Beijing University 2016, and at 2016-2017 year learn at guest of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In April 2017, university of Yi Linuo Yi of past United States strategics point before school of cent of Ba Naxiang Bin (UIUC, be located in American Illinois) communication study.

Broke couplet on June 9, 2017.

On June 30, 2017, FBI (FBI) announce, already arrested to be suspected of kidnapping China visits a scholar 27 years old of men of Zhang Ying glume. FBI expresses, believe Zhang Ying glume has died.

Outspread read: American check just sues suspect of case of Zhang Ying glume to seek with confederative name bring to bear on harsh penalty is suspected of kidnapping man of Zhang Ying glume will appear in court be on trial be on trial condemns the person that violate with all possible means exposure of information of suspect of case of experience of case of Zhang Ying glume: Ever searched guilty content to assiduously studying a doctor to kidnap suspect of crime of Zhang Ying glume already was arrested the suspect overcomes Lisitengsen on individual data one page reads related 123 one page: Suspect of case of disaster of power sea gold is captured: Enter 2杞鸿木业有限公司017-06-30 " of labour of bit of can of bazaar outflank desert from steam vent most does girl of sad composition " give birth to vivid: nowadays? Route of concrete of? of class Shen  connects murder of classroom of door 2017-06-30 Beijing: Evil of 17 years old of schoolboys kills a classmate to be sentenced to not have period girl mother: I hope he is dead Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-06-27 news recreation

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