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Egypt president admits Russia plane A321″ first by smash “

Report occupied people net Moscow on Feburary 24 Russian TASS now message, cecil adm新型建筑模板全国建筑模板生产基地KD机THits Egypt president Abodulefadahe to will be in on Oc建筑用模板tober 31 last year first Egypt on the west Nai peninsula in the sky the A321 of Russia empty guest of wreck is by smash.

Cecil expres福利特木业有限公司ses, the person of those smash plane

s aims to destroy (Egypt) the relation that is the same as Russia and other country, undertake hitting to the tourism of Egypt. In addition, he still expresses, this is horrible behavior.

This is Caire respect admit A321 accident retains outer ministry element publicly first. Russia just is horrible assault at will calling this incident last year in November. But Egypt govern祥石木业有限公司ment insists to say, board of inquiry does not eliminate the possibility of any aircraft accident, include technical stoppage.

Last year on October 31, russia reachs Russia aviation accident of the most miserable intense produces on aviation history. Russia division adds thunder Mu the empty guest A321 th

at by Shamusha Yi He flies to Sanket is in airline Egypt on the west Nai peninsula

crash, 217 passengers and 7 unit staff car工程建筑模板JDry on machine, die entirely. Boertenikefu expresses Alexander of director o新型建筑模板实用吗DFf Russian Federation security bureau subsequently, aircraft accident reason makes a 广西覆膜板建筑模板surprise attack for horror.

After this, the flight number贵港建筑模板公司 that Russia leads to Egypt is total grounding of aircraft, viatic group suspends operation.

(original title: Egypt p佛山建筑模板公司resident admits Russian A321 first by smash)

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