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Chengdu goes to beautiful small student studying abroad to take a knife to delimit to classmate comparing enter a school is left school 3 days

Login register Chengdu of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to go to beautiful small student studying abroad to take a knife to delimit to classmate comparing enter a school is left school 3 days origin: ? Inclined?2016-02-20 14:4 of  Ju borderEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Utterance is provoked, derisive other, this is violent!

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Brethren of maltreat is in the beauty obtains severe punishment to track the issue that is left school by American

school to handle student of one picket Chengdu, we spent a year of time full. On Feburary 19, senior study abroad advisory Yang Qian is being accepted the reporter tells when interviewing. The quarrel between young fellow student, when cutting an apple brandish casually the movement of fruit knife, let small A of Chengdu book stude

nt (alias) be cancelled to admit by American middle school, repatriation.

American place police goes up to small student studying abroad opening safety grooms class.

The police is done set an example.

The small student studying abroad of recieve training.

As low age study abroad to warm up wetly, more and more China parents send minor children toward abroad study abroad. Learn the United States to study abroad president Zhang Hengrui is engaged in American high school for a long time studying abroad application coachs, he tells a reporter, about student of 10 thousand China went to the United States read工程建筑模板ing a middle school last year. But the weak force as a result of culture setting difference, the gift of tongues, psychology is immature, not clear to system of a lot of campus and school code wait for all sorts of供应建筑模板KO reasons, low age the thing that the student studying abroad is left school by foreign school happens from time to tome. American court is right brethren of maltreat of 3 student st施工模板udying abroads of Chinese is in with severe punishment, report gives an earnest proposition: The acculturation after undertaking going abroad to minor child, psychology suits to get used to educational extremely urgent with behavior.

What should see nevertheless is, major China small student studying abroad is having active up s模板的配板步骤tudy manner and healthy spirit. Chinese child often learns more more assiduously than American child, take education and university application seriously more, also more esteem teacher. This also is the reason that middle school of a lot of United States is willing to enrol Chinese student studying abroad. The small student study优质建筑模板价格ATing abroad as a result of China mostly out is rich family, american pedagogue thinks the case that has good resource in the child falls, need the parent and society to breed good and perfect 3 view to pass on a society more. Zhang Hengrui says.

Chengdu student goes to the United States 3 days to be left school by the school

Similar case happens beside us. Endowment the incident of security of campus of United States of student of one picket Chengdu that embed learned advisory Yang Qian to recollect his to handle to the reporter. This student of 17 years old just enters a lodging middle school of American 3 days, brawl happened with student of a foreign nationality when cutting an apple, he may be chronic ground is taking fruit knife to be compared toward this student delimited, student of this foreign nationality reported teacher. The school takes seriously very much, take him to assembly room to understand a situation, this student just went to the United States, english is bad cannot very good the opinion that expresses oneself, together with mood is a little excited kick a table, one frighten the teacher, called the police. Final result is, the school did not notify the parent, make those who decide to cancel him admit instantly, requirement as soon as possible leave a country. Because this minor was lost by discharge guardi

an, the school helped him buy a piece of airline ticket directly, reach the airport by police convoy.

The lesson that this thing gives a person is: This student can go up in new student specification, did not understand school school regulations seriously, with Chinese student inertial thinking is answered. Additional, once American school produces campus force, have relevant flow regulation, when this student is answering a teacher to enquire, above all should sober. If English says to not be clear about, can ask to meet the teacher of Chinese help an interpreter, perhaps appeal at the lawyer, requirement and domestic folk are contacted. Occasi江苏模板批发AJonally silent can protect oneself instead. Yang Qian says.

Language of American middle school is provoked consider person minatory

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