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New York one man operates small-sized and unmanned aircraft bumps Caesarean edifice to be arrested

In report occupied new network on Feburary 5 associated press report, police of Amer江门建筑模板公司ican new York expresses, local time 黑色模板工地4 days of evening, after because of 建筑腹膜板

公司EKremote control a small-sized an建筑模板配方d unmanned aircraft impact模板厂家ATs Caesarean large building, a man is arrested.

The report says,庆泰木业有限公司 say

according to police, this man held the unmanned machine that control to impact Caesarean large building the 40th outside on the wall, subsequently unm建筑木模板KWanned aircraft fell模板价格BX the 35th.

It is reported, because this man of 29 years ol华晨木业有限公司d does not have man-machine cannot resumptive and backward the guard of Caesarean edifice appeals. Guard calls the police subsequently.

The report points out, new York police prepares to sue him in order to enda附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂nger public safety and the accusation of harum-scarum use aero

stat at present.

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