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The two look forward to in the home deny beautiful blacklist of take one’s place in the ranks to be pointed to to support Yi missile plan

The economy related to Iranian nucleus problem and financial punish ju云浩木业有限公司st cancel is less than a day, the United States started another punish that is aimed at this country again. American Mini江西建筑模板公司stry of finance makes a statement 17 days, 11 一厂一策模板substance that announce support工地装木模板安装方法ive Iran ballistic missile plans join punish blacklist, include a Chinese and company of a China among them. Notable is, intermediary is reporting outside by the view when name of punish China company differ, ” round-the-world times ” the reporter contacts two 18 days by outside the relevant enterprise that intermediary call-overs, they all are denied to be being included blacklist be related to give by the United States.

Occupy a BBC 18 days to report, the origin of American new punish is Iran last year in October test-fire accurate control and guide shoots path missile, this missile is capable to carry nuclear warhead. The United States says, this one action violated U.N. ban. ” round-the-world times ” the reporter sees in the punish announcement that website of American Ministry of finance publishs, be included by the object of punish company of chief of a tribe of couplet of two company of a Korea, A and its enterprise of a two controller, China and one of names 5 chief, Iranian. Punish measure includes, prohibit American citizen or c建筑工地打模板真实照片olony and relevant enterprise begin professional work, these substance will be frozen in all asset of American banking system.

Announcement of American Ministry of finance shows, be by the Chinese enterprise of punish and its controller plan related to the trading company offers company of an Iran composite material and chief of a tribe of an A couplet or try to offer finance, material, technology with Iranian missile other perhaps support. This company name工程覆膜板 is AnhuiLandGroupCo.Limited, chief is ChenMingfu. The United States ” wall street daily ” say, this China enterprise is the company Anhui that registers in Hong Kong Inc. of La De group. Russia satellite network says, this enterprise is limited company of group of Anhui buy land.

Page of edition of English of website of group of Anhui blue heart shows, what its name and American Ministr新型建筑模板报价BCy of finance announce is medium look forward to is consistent. Website introduction says, this company is located in day of the Anhui province to grow city, total assets dimensions is achieved 20 much, advocate battalion product includes cable of automation appearance and control system, wire, mechanical equipment to wait, product exit reachs more than 10 countries such as the United States, Israel, India, European Union and area. The reporter consults public data did not discover the state-owned business dealings such as this group and A couplet chief of a tribe. A staff member accepts office of blue heart group 18 days ” round-the-world times ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, did not receive any concerning at present by the message of American punish, also do not know ChenMingfu this individual. He thinks, the blue heart group that intermediary place says outside is not the company that he is in, and this company also did not set subsidiary in Hong Kong.

The limited company of group of Anhui buy land that place of Russia satellite network says, according to reporter understanding, hefei has domestic name to be the estate company of Anhui buy ground truly, registering the ground also is Anhui, the company symbol on its website is AnhuiLand, industrial and commercial register a name to did not ap

pear group word, this company advocate the business such as battalion estate development, hotel. After a staff member reports Anhui buy ground related 18 days of intermediary outside understanding from reporter part, deny absolutely by punish is this company, say this is essential unlikely.

Occupy network of news of American cable television to report, chinese company because Iran by American punish not be first time. The company of 3 foreign countries that American the State Council ever announced to punish and Iranian energy field have business dealings in January 2012, include company of China’s state-owned Zhuhai Zhen Rong among them. Of the same age July, american government announces to implement new sanction in the light of Iranian oil industry, in the meantime, with Chinese Kunlun bank and Iraq a bank maintains business contact all the time with Iranian bank for, include punish list two banks.

Plan this around Iranian missile by American punish still have Korea mining industry of state-owned company Korea expands a trading company. Announcement of American Ministry of finance shows, iran bought package from this company. Additional, iran sent technical personnel two years to help research and development of branch of its national defence to Korea in the past roll booster of 80 tons of rockets. Additional, by 5 Iranian of punish it is this country the official tha专业建筑模板厂家K广州建筑模板公司Pt armed forces logistics defends the ministry reachs its subsidiary.

According to Iranian news agency spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran of 18 days of quote installs Sa in make known his position to say, the punish of project of ballistic t

o Iran missile does not have the United States any law or honorary are lawful quality. The United States sells the weapon of hundreds 100 million dollars every year to give the state of this area. These weapons are used in the war in the light of Palestinian, Lebanese and recent Yemen citizen. Ansali expresses, missile project of Iran never designs the missile of portable nuclear warhead. Iranian defense minister amounts to He Gan 18 days to Iran dispatch company shows Faersitong, new punish of the United States won’t have the effect, iran will prove with real operation its are ballistic the headway that missile gains.

England ” financial times ” say 18 days, declaring the new sanction that plans to Iranian missile before today, the nuclear punish that the United S

tates removed to hamper Iranian economy grows badly in recent years. Although the United States joins these new targets the decis浩晶木业有限公司ion of punish list to be known by environment place already, but the hawkish public figure that this one opportunity chooses to may reject nuclear agreement for Iranian home provides excuse, latter oppugns as direct as Washington contact with to be able to have how many profit. [round-the-world times is stationed in Wang Ning of reporter of American engage by special arrangement Ni Hao of round-the-world times reporter]

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