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Indonesian 10 minutes produce 6 detonate blast not to eliminate to charger runs away

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] the direct seeding picture of local TV s

tation shows, exploding first is in the morning 10 when 40 minutes, ground dot is located in Jakarta downtown the astral Buck cafe near Sa benefit that bazaar, distance president government office and national monument square are less than 3 kilometers. Lie between when before long, nearby policeman police box also produces explosion. Associated press says, explosion is in block to have many main building, except presidential government office and U.N. agency, still Indonesian Central Bank and France are stationed in Indonesian embassy. Occupy local TV station to report, same time still has 3 to be in place happening to explode inside Jakarta city, there are Turkey and Pakistan to be stationed in Indonesian diplomatic mission over there, but this one message did not get police confirms.

” ” relevant: Incident of pop of Indonesian Jakarta explosion 27 people casualties 5 suspects die (graph)

According to eyew哪里有建筑模板出售itness Lulikesidaman says, the feeling when hearing blare as the earthquake general, run see glass of astral Buck cafe all breaks after next buildings, wounded clerk and client escape in a flurry, a terrorist that hold a gun shoots to the crowd, the both sides after the police reachs the spot happens fight, after this counts detonation since the noise again.

According to Indonesian ” Jakarta is round-the-world newspaper ” report, 6 detonate blast 模板工程是什么工程happens in the interlink inside 10 minutes, an U.N. employee gets hurt in explosion. Very apparent they used musket and grenade, according to American blessing Ke Sixin he模板工程是什么工程AXars a net to report, holand Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, a Dutch suffers serious injury in making a surprise attack this.

14 days of evening, jakarta police grows dimension blocking offer to install outward bound to annou

nce, that day the lethal assault of Jakarta downtown is IS plan, the person that eye predecessor attends a war in Indonesian book IS of Syria is able to bear or endure rice had plotted period of time. 5 charger died in be at war with police that day, among them 3 people die in the gunfight before Jakarta建筑模板厂家价格表AD theater, the suicidal type explosion that two people are opposite astral Buck cafe dies in assault. Additionally two civilian die in this incident, among them citizenship of one factitious Canada. At present 20 people get hurt, include 5 police officers. There施工模板支撑BR is one person to come from an Algerian in the person that get hurt. At present police cannot affirm the suspect is specific number, do not eliminate to charger interfuse crowd runs away.

According to Reuter report, the evening of day of news orgnaization Aamaaq14 that工程模板多少钱一张 with IS the organization concerns alleges, the soldiers of IS launched a

rmed assault in Indonesian capital, the target is foreigne工地模板尺寸一般是多少BFr and the secure armed forces that protect them. Before this, the reporter Harvey of American ABC Broadcasting Corporation is pushed in his go up especially write, charger is the terrorist of Indone木模板施工工具GSsian this locality, but have connection with Syria.

China is stationed in official of ministry of Indonesian embassy consul 14 days to be opposite “施工报价单模板AB round-the-world times ” express, still do not have Chinese citizen casualties to report at present, diplomatic mission already released anno模板厂ASuncement to remind notice in Indonesian Chinese citizen person is safe, decrease go out.

[round-the-world times is stationed in Zhuang Xueya of reporter of engage by special arrangement of specially appointed of Indonesian, United States, Germany jade of willow of Ren Chongqing wood roc]

(original title: 6 detonate blast happens not to eliminate to charger runs away in the interlink inside 10 minutes)

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