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India builds a satellite to monitor station media in Vietnam: Or meaning in Nanhai

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] India ” economic times ” 4 days of reports say, india costs 23 million dollar a satellite that in Vietnam Hu Zhiming city builds monitors a station to be about to enable, should monitor a station to will make the main strategy capital that India is in Nanhai area.

According to reporter understanding, during Vietnam premier Ruan Jinyong visited India 2014, yin Yue publishs associated statement to say, two countries will build a satellite to monitor a station in Hu Zhiming city. ” economic times ” say, orgnaization of Indian country spaceflight will conduce to imprinting in the monitori腹膜模板ng station of Vietnam the feedback data that the space studies the organization is tracked and collects the satellite that India launchs. India is set in Indonesia, Brunei at present the satellite is monitored and track a station. Organization廊坊木业建筑模板 of Indian space resear山东大州建筑模板有限公司ch rises the site Vietnam and Indonesian site join.

” economic times ” the act that reporting lieutenant general India sets a satellite to monitor a station and current Nanhai situation connection rise, say China and the Nanhai problem of the Philippine, country such as Vietnam are at present nervous with each passing day, this site is the strategic fulcrum that India is in Nanhai are

a. ” economic times ” the review expresses to welcome to Indian this action on one hand, weigh the action that is in aggrandizement India southeast Asia area,

to Yin Hedong South Asia country has advantage; to also raise question on the other hand, since India can go to remote Nanhai region to set a satellite to monitor a station, why to use more accurate satellitic monitoring technology to prevent to imprint of Ba Bian bound permeate?

” heart dry pioneer signs up for ” the comment says, india special longing and east alliance cooperates, the satellite is being established to monitor a station in Vietnam is India and east the first when allied country home cooperates in dimensional technique domain large project, india begins to play dimensional diplomacy card with China. China ” aviation knowledge ” magazine subeditor Wang Yanan is accepted 4 days ” round-the-world times ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, india builds satellitic monitoring to stand in Vietnam more it is to although do not build a station in Vietnam,reflect工程建筑模板厂DS indicative sense, india is in native land also can; of monitoring Nanhai maritime space on the other hand, india all the time since the materiality effect that can produce in southeast Asia area is finite, so Indian this action just should be revealed imprint just be opposite the care of maritime space is accentuating to the south of the indian ocean. From Vietnam angle consideration, wang Yanan expresses, india is the martial big country of South Asia area, vietnam hope have the aid of and India strengthen defense concern to promote the speech in be solved 江苏模板批发with Chinese conflict right, india and Vietnam future can have more collaboration likely.

” heart dry pioneer signs up for ” the report still says, indian plan invites inside a few months east 120 professional of allied country home study to Indian space the organization is 建筑公司红头文件模板AVaccepted groom. In addition, india plan建筑模板多少一块s to build a satellite to monitor a station in Fiji, the dimensional technology that makes its Pacific Ocean island country shares a center.

Nearly two years, india has intervene actively th

e trend of Nanhai problem. When Indian premier Mo Di visited Japan 2014, had put forward to want to maintain Nanhai voyage freedom. Last year in October, india and Philippine Foreign Minister publish combination to state, call Nanhai sea of guest of Xi Fei law, ” Indian times ” say, imprint just borrowed the ground connection between this appellation to convey right Philippine the support on Nanhai problem. Japanese premier brings times advance 3 will visit last year in December when imprinting, imprint the associated statement of day mentions Nanhai again. T是什么建筑模板AChe analysis points out, increase increasingly as international ec优质建筑模板价格onomy of India and strategic importance, it won’t reject to strive 建筑木胶板for more right to speak to want to become big state of the indian ocean not only, also hope to act important role in Pacific Ocean general affairs.

(Original title: Does India build a satellite to monitor station meaning to be in in Vietnam Nanhai? Does India build a satellite to monitor station meaning to be in in Vietnam Nanhai??

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