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” times ” list of candidate of 2015 year figure is complete edition Head IS is selected

The United States ” times ” list of candidate of weekly year man of the time gives heat, share 8 people to be seleted. According鑫锐兴盛木业有限公司 to ” times ” weekly website re潍坊荣雅木业有限公司ports 7 days, 8 person that be seleted are Mohammedan country respectively (Head IS) Bagdad enlighten, actor condition is chief apparitor the life of black of organization of Kalannike, the campaign that be not descendants also is republican of life, United States party president participates a person Telangpu, Germany, the ultimate winner of man of the郑州建筑模板GF time will be announced at 9 days 2015.

The list that i

s seleted this added many new face: The life of the clash that reflects completely beautiful 2015 police and black world, black that initiates phyletic equality also is life campaign organization, advocate multiply in all make, the Ka Lanni of actor pace CEO that changes each country code, asset to already was as high as 70 billion dollar is overcome, still have ever created Olympic Games man record of 10 all-round world, later metamorphic more the name, Kaitelin that turns into daughter body Jenner.

However, head IS Bagdad enlighten enter await chose list to arouse many controversy: Can such evil person calculate man of the time? Many netizens think, bagdad enlighten be seleted is an absur建筑用模板d decision. But England ” daily telecommunications signs up for ” the reporter defends Blair to think however greatly, bagdad enlighten although do evil multiterminal, but he changed historical course, behoove is elected as year figure. To this, ” times ” the records says, they choose year man of the time measuring a level is the oldest to influence of a year of news person, it is goo

d no matter or bad, what we choose is year the character of the most influential force.

In be seleted 8 strong list, have 3 national leader, i云浩木业有限公司nclude German premier Mokeer. ” times ” say, her all the year round is news popular figure, face economy and refugee crisis in the European Union especially when, her manner is quite eye-catchi模板工程BGng. Beijing of Russia president general and with the concern of western w绿地模板WDorld repair,盛和木业有限公司 Iran president that reachs nuclear fierce agreement Luhani also is in await in choosing roll. And in American a lot of politician, telangpu is in the billionaire that only the mouth does not have block row.

Last year, the whole world is enveloped in Aibola epidemic situation falls, rich of beat back dust pulled medical treatment Trojan to beat Beijing of Russia president general, Alibaba the well-known figure such as Dimukuke obtains CEO of virgin forces cloud, apple antho水利模板HDlogy.


title: Head 建筑模板供应厂家IS awaits anthology ” times ” year figure netizen: Absurd decision)

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