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Korea broadcasts picture of Cui dragon sea: Expression of Jin Zhengen of prep close behind is relaxed (graph)

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The people that Korea is still living and in good health last times army snow of marshal plum second died a few day中空建筑模板s ago, korea leader Jin Zhengen undertook high standards condole, but the absent outside Long Haiyi of 2 characters Cui. The outside guesses Korea interior may appear influence changes, do not cross Korea made known his position to deny this kind to guess.


ea broadcasts picture of Cui dragon sea

Korea government media reports, top leade新型建筑模板报价BCr Jin Zhengen condoled Korea personally a few days ago the Korea revolution patriarch, say Li Yi snow that has the marshal with Korea final republic. Korea is right once the Li Yi snow that follow crosses Jin Richeng gave out extremely high history fixed position, jin Zhengen holds the position of funeral committee chairman personally, arrange funeral personally.

Outside discovery, accompany Jin Zhengen to join the someone that condole civilian army Piao Yongzhi of minister of ministry of armament of oath of Huang Bing of director of total the Political Bureau, people, people army the Chao Jun such as Li Yongji of chief of the general staff is curule.

But no matter be to condole that day, still be Korea on the list o

f national funeral committee that publish, long Hai of Cui of secretary of labor the Party Central Committee is accident ground absent, face intermediary also did 建发木业有限公司not allude in relevant report Cui Long Hai. Korea media, even the government sector that Korea is in charge of all battle gives off a message, think Korea interior may produce influence change again.

Korea unites department spokesman Zhe模板厂家ATng Junxi: Similar (Cui Long Hai is absent) such thing, it is extremely unusual special situation, we are checking all sorts of possibility further.

Cui Long Hai is Cuixian of Korea founder of the state child, it is Korea home people army children the delegate character of force of this one serious politics, and because hold the position of central post, often visit other country with ambassador-at-large identity, the 建筑模板厂家直销RFceremony guest order of Cui Long Hai is discharged in the 6th, this absent different really common.

But mix in all sorts of suspicion when guessing cause a temporary clamor, korea gave off a paragraph of newsreel that broadcasts publicly first, piece in Jin Zhengen of prep close behind of Cui dragon sea, expression is relaxed, two people a工地建筑模板尺寸BIre interactive very frequent also, hearsay appears collapse of itself.

OK and affirmatory is, the article announce branch of Korea undertook be adjustmented energetically. In Li Yinghao by clean up later, relevant report and data are deleted, zhang Chengze is to be in nonofficeholding before already by remove sb’s name from the rolls from inside media, brought about Korea information branch to take a word ahead of schedule. Be in so Xuan Yongzhe by execute by shooting later, jin Zhengen gives orders personally, requirement propaganda department does not delete the traitor’s report and data immediately, avoid the trends of Korea control Korea. This more fast response, can saying is the response that be aimed at the hearsay of 中建新型模板研Korea and makes.

But be about to undertake be visittinged external first in Jin Zhengen, on the sensitive time place that Korea labor party is about t生产建筑模板厂家o hold countrywide congress, whether Cui Long Hai is true safe and sound, korea interior influence produced what kind of change to still leave very big question, should when Korea announces more data ability to affirm quite.

(original bid: Korea broadcasts picture of Cui dragon sea: Expression of Jin Zhengen of prep close behind is relaxed)

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