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Disastrous official says casualties of traffic accident of French happening miserable intense will launch judicatory investigation

France local time on Octobe潍坊宏达木业有限公司r 23 morning, s建筑用模板outhwest ministry Ji Lun saves this country especially provincial capital produces miserable intense traffic accident one case

near Boerduo, already caused death of more than 40 people at present, p覆膜板尺寸一般是多少KQerson of additional know exactly about sth is weighed.

According to France 建筑项目模板KP” Feijialuo signs up for ” will report on October 23, daerdu of governor of province 建筑工地打模板真实照片RFof Ji Lun spy (Pierre Dartout) expresses, the old people of 48 go on a journey carries on accident bus. Have not make clear the particular case when the accident at present, the related side will launch judicatory investigation to this accident.

Da Erdu s建筑模板尺寸国标BYtill expresses, group of a psychology will be established quickly in accident scene,

to the personnel amount check the amount on expe广西建筑木模板前十名名称rience thing bus working job already began. (reporter Wang Li orchid)

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尺寸e against happens to send at least 42 people to die near Boerduo

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