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England is the last prohibit making work wine village ends pussyfoot history 120 years

British official will say on September 30, the pussyfoot history that the villatic end of the last wine that ban carry out is as long as En建筑 模板价格gland 120

years, store of Home Cunzhongyi obtains高唐金梁木业有限公司 alcoholic beverage to sell right.

Villag临沂市兰山区名利建筑模板经营部e of

Bern dimension Er is locat

ed in England the outskirt austral mid city Birmingham, at 19 c中建新型模板研AMenturies You Kade Bury is familial found. This one familial the manufacturing plant建筑施工模板 that built Ji Baili of famous chocolate brand here, bern dimension Er because this is famed. Because常规建筑木模板尺寸 familial member is brother clique believer in Ka Debai, because this prohibits,in this the village that has 25 thousand person t建筑模板零售AKo live is built bar and prohibit any shops se山东汇源建材集团木业有限公司ll alcoholic beverage.

Luobuxili says councilman of Bern dimension Er, remove prohibit making work the decision of wine i建筑模板价格一览表AZs a disaster, the history that this violates Bern dimension Er 120 years 高柱模板上市五年成功EGand tradition. Nevertheless, manage wine permissibly kind Kamailexiaerma says the shop boss of business, he just is in try to rescue this shop. I had tried diversification, sell a few fruits and vegetable, nevertheless nobody buys me to had asked a few customers, what do they want, they say to hope to be able to buy beer or red wine around. (Shi Zhongyu) (Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially)

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