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The United States ” the baby that do not have a head ” live birthday life 1 year old likelihood at any time terminative (graph)

Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian ” the baby that do not have a head ” live b森合木业有限公司irthday life 1 year old likelihood at any time terminative (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-30 08:2 of contraction act Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http建筑模板的价格一览表:// channel [summary] each days of of present the last day that may be life, but he had experienced enough love and warmth.

When Gu Kesen has not been born, the doctor discovers he has half brain only, and major skull is short of break, say or state with certainty he can live a few days only. But went one year, bub lived successfully to come down, make the boy that a lot of American are familiar with and likes.

Without cerebral baby

Although to Gu Kesen, each days of present may be the last day of life, but he had experienced enough love and warmth.

Insist to be born

The Dawaleisi that Gu Kesen lives in American Florida city city. Still be when him in the uterus when, the doctor tells his mother Buliedanibier, fetal suffer from infrequent congenital do not have disease of spinal cord deformation without the head, cerebrum development is serious and unusual, spend pregnancy very hard, suggest she and husband, Bulandeng of 30 years old leaves a decision as early as possible, the choice aborts. But the proposal that this rejected a doctor to husband and wife, the plan is delivered of the child, give him a hope.

I am in des桥梁模板厂家BVpair 新松木业有限公司at that time at that time, they tell my child probable embryo dead abdomen is medium. Memory says Buliedani.

Fortunately, she had held out pregnancy, will be delivered of Gu Kesen on August 27 last year. When just was born, darling still is not worth 2 kilograms to weigh.

That lets me use a facial expression momently, I remember holding him in the arms at that time, the doctor says to me the child cannot walk possibly forever, won’t talk, hungry also won’t say, do not listen to also be lost sight of even. Buliedani says, we are exhausted can make him vivid come down, he if really accomplished.

Had passed each days

Inherent little although the Gu Kesen of most build skull looks a little strange, can be him greatly eye and rich expression, plus able-bodied vitality, make a lot of American fami

liar and like to go up he.

Last month, gu Kesen spent birthday of one one full year of life. A lot of netizens are displayed below the photograph of individual homepage in succession on blessing, period Xugukesen can be brought up healthily adult.

This day of parents that also lets him gets encouragement fully, at the same time they a

lso know, each days of future likely to Gu Kesen it is the last day.

I am very clear, the likelihood is his the last day today, probably he will leave this world tomorrow. Buliedani says. She gives their altruistic support to thanks to the outsid同茂木业有限公司e.

Now, facial book homepage of Gu Kesen had harvested 90 thousand assist, bulandeng’s work in the same placing also is him to build the Zhang number of capital of a collect on the network建筑模板多少一块EK, at present already collect arrives 50 thousand dollar. This money is enough Rangbuliedani takes care of Gu Kesen tec木工模板hnically in the home.

If can make Buliedani round-the-clock take care of Gu Kesen in the home, it is impayable to the child. Bulandeng says.

Gu Kesen板材覆膜是什么意思AD is strong!

Small now Gu Kesen had a new nickname: Gu Kesen is strong. He became network famous person now, be taken to go out to be able to be recognized by parents every time. Because have father and mother,also do

not love from what do not abandon just about and take care of, still have the support of a lot of netizens, just let him do away with the doctor’s prophecy frequently.

No matter where we walk along, total meeting someone says actively: Hey, it is Gu Kesen strong! Fab so much person cares him. Bulandeng says. (origin: New culture signs up for)

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